Chasing Snowflakes: A Cool and Quirky Winter Wānaka Wedding

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Kirsty Ussher

October 27, 2023

When you think of Wānaka, New Zealand, visions of stunning summer weddings against a backdrop of crystal-clear lakes and Central Otago landscapes likely dance through your mind. And rightfully so – Wānaka has long been a hotspot for idyllic summer weddings that offer picture-perfect settings for couples to say their “I do’s.” However, there’s something beautifully unconventional and awe-inspiring about choosing to have a wedding celebration in Wānaka during the winter months. It’s a decision that’s both brave and adventurous, and the result is nothing short of unforgettable. Shall and Adam decided to be brave and bold and have their wedding in early June 2023. Let’s take a glimpse into their winter wonderland wedding, filled with love, laughter, and dope details.

Alpine Image Co | The Green Room Flower Company

A Personal Touch: Shall’s Creative Vision

Shall, a beloved wedding vendor in Wānaka, brought her expertise and unique flair to her own wedding, designing it exactly the way she envisioned, breaking free from traditional norms. As a seasoned professional in the wedding industry, Shall understood the essence of a personlised celebration and was determined to make her wedding a reflection of her and Adam’s love story.

Shall’s decision to steer away from conventional wedding styles and instead create an event that truly resonated with her and Adam highlighted the value of authenticity. She drew on her expertise to craft a wedding that was a true representation of their personalities and their journey together.

The heart of any wedding is the merging of two families, and for Adam and Shall, their wedding was a beautiful celebration of this unity. It was a day that brought together loved ones to witness and celebrate the blending of two families into one. The love and joy that filled the air were palpable, setting the perfect tone for a day of love, togetherness and party time!

The Perfect Winter Venue: Rippon Hall

The venue for the wedding was the stunning Rippon Hall, where the indoor ceremony took place. The venue gives all the stunning Wānaka views through it’s huge picture window looking out towards Ruby Island and Mt Aspiring Park. While allowing celebrations to take place inside, away from the chill of the infamous Wānaka wind. The hall was transformed into a winter wonderland, with cozy decor and a snowflake-themed backdrop designed and built by the bride’s sister, Tash, of Spearmint Signage Studio. The snowflake backdrop added a touch of whimsy and romance, making it a picturesque setting for their vows.

Vibrant Colors and Unique Styling

Pops of bright colors infused the wedding, bringing warmth and vibrancy to the winter scene. From the bride’s headband to the flowers and fruits on the table, every detail was meticulously chosen to complement the winter theme. Rachel from The Green Room Flower Company totally worked her magic and whipped up the floral table scape that brought all the feels of pure joy to every guest. The biggest highlights for Shall were “The flowers and bright fun styling. Mismatched napkins and candles. All the colour on the black tables. The table set up was unreal!” Honestly, they nailed it.

Creative Personal Touches

Spearmint Signage Studio played a significant role in adding a creative twist to the styling of this wedding. They designed and created the ceremony backdrop, welcome signage, bar signage, placenames and table numbers. The unique acrylic place names on each guest’s wine glass were a testament to the creativity and attention to detail. These personalized touches made each guest feel special and added to the overall charm of the wedding.

Indulging in Desserts: The Array of Cakes

When it came to dessert, Shall and Adam chose to delight their guests with an array of cakes from Weeping Willow Cakes. Why settle for just one cake when you can have four? The diverse selection ensured that there was something for everyone, and the sweet treats were a perfect ending to a magical day.

Sweet Moments: A Playful Interruption

Amidst the speeches and heartfelt toasts, a playful and heartwarming moment unfolded. Their 6-year-old daughter, Lucie, couldn’t resist the tempting cakes and decided to sneak a taste. It was a delightful and spontaneous interruption that added a touch of innocence and laughter, making the celebration even more memorable. Other memorable moments for Adam and Shall were the live music provided by Robert Glen Music and the Espresso Martinis served as part of dessert. Both elements created the perfect accompaniment to a night filled with all the best party vibes!

Shall and Adam’s wedding was a total mic drop on breaking free from the norm and owning your own style. It was all about love being a rad celebration of two unique souls joining forces and having a wedding day that truly expressed that celebration. It was, without hesitation, my favourite wedding of the 2022/2023 season!

Is a Winter Wedding For You?

While Wānaka winters may be chilly, the warmth of a winter wedding celebration is undeniable. Guests can cozy up with each other, drink espresso martinis, and relish the inviting ambiance of a roaring fireplace. This unique experience fosters a sense of togetherness and intimacy that’s simply unparalleled in the summertime.

Moreover, having a winter wedding in Wānaka provides an excellent opportunity for creative and unconventional decor. Think moody lighting, sheepskins, rustic rugs, and a color palette inspired by the season’s rich and deep hues.

In conclusion, choosing to have a winter wedding in Wānaka is a bold decision that defies convention and embraces the magic of the season. It’s a choice that’s rooted in bravery, fueled by adventure, and results in a celebration that’s profoundly different and memorable. While Wānaka’s summer weddings undoubtedly offer their own charm, there’s an undeniable allure to exchanging vows in a winter wonderland – an experience that creates indelible memories for both the couple and their guests. So, if you’re considering a wedding in Wānaka, don’t dismiss the winter months – they might just hold the key to the most extraordinary celebration of your life.

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Shout Out To The Vendors

Venue: Rippon Hall

Photography: Alpine Image Co.

Signage: Spearmint Signage Studio

Florals: The Green Room Flower Company

Cakes: Weeping Willow Cakes

Hair: Leah from Halo

Makeup: Emma for Beauty

Glassware: Major & Minor

Music: Robert Glen Music

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